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Decentralized Finance for Social Impact

A blockchain based financial infrastructure where funders can manage and measure their giving, engage with changemakers, and support impact-driven projects/causes, in a transparent, borderless and autonomous way. Beneficiaries apply for grants, transfer funds, start campaigns and self-report outcomes.

impactMarket seeks to solve two key problems in the charitable space:

Cultural, generational and philanthropic shifts demand transparency, inclusion, shared values, trust building and shared decision-making. Today’s funders must find better ways to proactively engage with the communities that will ultimately use their funds to drive social change. At the same time, beneficiaries lack access to finance and innovative technologies for efficient fundraising and transparent reporting.


of millennials don’t trust banks


of people don’t trust charities

1 in 3

millennials owns cryptocurrency


of all development aid is lost to corruption

impactMarket powers social initiatives, keeps track of their execution and aims to:

IPCT Governance Token

Powers a global and decentralized impact-driven fund, governed by the community, as a DAO.

IPCT holders are responsible to make risk-based decisions that will influence the future health and growth of the system.

IPCT acts as a global medium of governance that also empowers participants through a comprehensive incentive mechanism based on their contribution and impact.

Open Marketplace
& Impact Explorer

Web and mobile based Dapps that serve as main gateway for all participants to engage.

It includes a public dashboard that displays aggregated information and analytics about worldwide initiatives and keeps track of all funds distribution and its impactful outcomes.

Smart Applications & Initiatives

A set of open-source smart contracts to manage and enforce transactions, governance and processes, allowing anyone to participate, launch or create their own initiatives.

It enables to exchange and verify virtually any asset of data, track transactions from end to end, serve as a public repository of data, and to extend financial inclusion to the unbanked.

Types of Funding Mechanisms

Charity auctions and sweepstakes campaigns with celebrities and brands

Crowdfunding & crowdlending with release schedule based on proof of impact

Grantmaking and funds management through democratic governance

impactMarket Labs is our community-based open repository of impact-driven smart contracts and Dapps, fostering a global community to create and explore new fundraising mechanisms, such as social impact bonds, impact investing, microcredit and others.

Community based finance


Partners & Early Adopters